Mind Over Matter

Mind over Matter”
let’s take it slow, allowing the universe to correlate our minds and soul. Let us meditate, raise our vibrations-way pass penetration- I’m talking mental stimulation. As we fall deeper into the cosmos that emanates around us, transferring energy from sending to receiving. our bodies numb, our minds become one and our spirits have risen to its celestial state. Racing to the edge of the universe hooking on to me as if I’m bait. Backdown they came with thrust hitting our bodies like and explosion, powerful, a feeling of being possessed our eyes rolling, toes curling, our bodies climaxing, talking in tongues, I’m drooling, your shaking. Squeezing tighter, at that moment I became you and you became me. Still holding ,still holding until our next session
“Mind over matter”


she told me to “do her like I never did before.
Straight gutter style, she wants to feel this dick raw.

wanting, begging me, too devour that!
Indulging into that pussy head first, as if its my favorite chocolate “Kit Kat”

She’s wanting, begging to taste this Zulu dick. Going all in, reaching for her Esophagus.

She likes that, started talking shit!
I had to carry it like jodeci, please don’t talk, just spit!!

As I laid, she climbed rite on top.
Riding, straddling that pipe non stop.

Slowly grinding, using her inner muscles to grip my dick!
A sure technique that tends to have her cumin quick!

I need my favorite position from the back.
Damn she’s thick, I luv to see her ass clap!

Im having a Seizure, cumin all in her, drooling, talking smack!
my brain is on fire, at that moment thats when she luvs throwing it back!

Sugar Cane

I feel like fucking
I feel like talking shit..,
I feel like laying this pipe, in between her hips.

She got that yes yes!!
That snapper, that lake trout.
I dick her down good,
until she pass out.

indulging into her vast ocean.
I’m giving her all she can handle,
It’s what I call “Dick Bone in Motion”

She’s luvs sweet dick Louie
I nurture that pussy, vs pain.
She luvs sucking on this good dick
as if I am Sugar Kane..