Choose one?


In life we indulge in a variety of sexual activities. We tend to enjoy oral sex as well as penetration every time we have sex. Women tend to orgasm more easily from oral but most cannot go without their pussy walls being touched and or stretched. If you, men and women had to choose which one you couldn’t live without, would it be head or penetration? 


Great Sex?


Great sex?Here at Adults Nature we promote having great a sex life. We are aware that great sex tends to differ from person to person, so what makes sex great in your opinion? 


Greetings this is the first of many posts to cum! Here at Adults Nature we love sexual conversations and wild sex stories. Become apart of our community and share your ideas, stories and any nuances of sex! Don’t be afraid, this is strictly anonymous and private. No one knows who anyone is not even the administrators knows who you are. It’s completely open for any adult who love to bring out their inner freak. Do not give out any private information or names or even locations. Keep it sexy and wild and enjoy