I’ve seen it all

Sex question of the day. Could you witness two people fucking live right in front of you? Are men or women more likely to begin masturbating at that very moment?

I believe Women because it just feels so natural for a woman to wanna touch that clit!

If so are you the type to just sit there and watch or would you start playing with your pussy??

Men what would you do as well in this same situation?




6 thoughts on “I’ve seen it all

  1. If she sexy and got a phat ass and getting fucked from back with them ass cheeks giggling then yeah imma beat my meat for that.

  2. Yes I could and have sat and witnessed. I would definitely need to be attracted to both parties to even consider masturbating just watching them isn’t enough and they would need to satisfy my current fetish (every now and then I want to see a monster dick destroy a tight little Asian and so on). I don’t think it’s automatic for anyone to masturbate nor more likely for one sex over the other to do it first.

  3. Yes if I feel a attraction to one of them. I played with my pussy once before when I heard my dorm mate fucking next to me.

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