What Would You Do?

What if sex with your partner isn’t the fire like you been needing? What if they aren’t satisfying you how you would like? You feel ’empty, or it’s boring, he never made you cum, she can’t sick dick how you want it? Or he can’t eat that pussy how it should be ate? You wanna feel that fire cum or fire sex positions.. for some reason he can’t hit they spot of yours and that pussy left day dreaming or imagining he’s someone else. 

What would you do if you were in this situation? 

A. Would you just deal with it?

B. Would you communicate with that person?

C. Would you step out and find that right Mouth, pussy, dick you been needing? 

D. End that shit all around?


5 thoughts on “What Would You Do?

  1. If you are married you should talk to your other half and if that don’t work I would sept out that’s just my opinion because you can’t be in a relationship and the other person is not fulfilling your need it will make you want cheat but you have to talk to the other person

  2. I most definitely would communicate with the person first. Honesty may sting a bit but it’s better than just stepping out and if it does eventually come to that at least they would know why because you’ve already had the conversation. I would definitely make suggestions on spicing it up, whether it’s a new toy, different places, additional people might bring out some of those inhibitions. Instructions are never bad as long as they are given right….Tell me how you want daddy!

  3. Not sure off hand what I would do. I would communicate with her and if she not gettin it or tryin to get it then new cucc cumin

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