Best Sex


Best sex ever! Think about the best sex you ever had, think about the feeling it gave you? How much you loved it….. Now answer what pers n gave you the best sex ever and what made the sex completely insane? What did they do to you that rock your shit right? 

-Was it from a older person?

-Was it from a younger person?

-Was it sneaky secret sex? Maybe no one knew you two were having sex?

– That Forbidden sex? Maybe they were in a relationship and you took it there? 

Comment below and remember keep it anonymous 

“BPW” Best Position Wednesday¬†


Women, what are your favorite positions in which are you more likely to cum from? Or are you like many women who cum from having that pussy ate versus penetration? 

Men, what are your favorite positions to hit that pussy right? Do you need to hit that pussy from the back while them ass cheeks bounce and bounce back making that ripple effect? Or are yo into women riding bouncing that wet pussy up and down on the dick? Or last do you prefer to spread them legs across mother Africa watching the dick go in and back out slamming them sugar walls? 

What Would You Do?


What if sex with your partner isn’t the fire like you been needing? What if they aren’t satisfying you how you would like? You feel ’empty, or it’s boring, he never made you cum, she can’t sick dick how you want it? Or he can’t eat that pussy how it should be ate? You wanna feel that fire cum or fire sex positions.. for some reason he can’t hit they spot of yours and that pussy left day dreaming or imagining he’s someone else. 

What would you do if you were in this situation? 

A. Would you just deal with it?

B. Would you communicate with that person?

C. Would you step out and find that right Mouth, pussy, dick you been needing? 

D. End that shit all around?

I’ve seen it all


Sex question of the day. Could you witness two people fucking live right in front of you? Are men or women more likely to begin masturbating at that very moment?

I believe Women because it just feels so natural for a woman to wanna touch that clit!

If so are you the type to just sit there and watch or would you start playing with your pussy??

Men what would you do as well in this same situation?



Current Mood


In your current mood would you say your in the mood to make love or have wild passionate sex? Ladies are you in the mood to have love made to you or do you want your Pu$$Y Fu$@ed real good right now? Men do you want to make love or do you want to dig in hard in something right now? Thoughts on your mood?