“BPW” Best Position Wednesday 

Women, what are your favorite positions in which are you more likely to cum from? Or are you like many women who cum from having that pussy ate versus penetration? 

Men, what are your favorite positions to hit that pussy right? Do you need to hit that pussy from the back while them ass cheeks bounce and bounce back making that ripple effect? Or are yo into women riding bouncing that wet pussy up and down on the dick? Or last do you prefer to spread them legs across mother Africa watching the dick go in and back out slamming them sugar walls? 


7 thoughts on ““BPW” Best Position Wednesday 

  1. Im more likey to cum from penetration but getting the cat ate is a plus😂😂😂 fav position is on top 😁 I love rides…

  2. Lick my cat and make me cum then turn me over a beat it up from the back

  3. I like them all but I mostly get off when I’m on top n he’s sucking on my nipples

  4. Hittin that ass from the back is my shit. SHE throwing ass back like a champ.

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