Best Sex

Best sex ever! Think about the best sex you ever had, think about the feeling it gave you? How much you loved it….. Now answer what pers n gave you the best sex ever and what made the sex completely insane? What did they do to you that rock your shit right? 

-Was it from a older person?

-Was it from a younger person?

-Was it sneaky secret sex? Maybe no one knew you two were having sex?

– That Forbidden sex? Maybe they were in a relationship and you took it there? 

Comment below and remember keep it anonymous 


5 thoughts on “Best Sex

  1. Old head. Let me fuck in her ass and all. Riding me while my dick in her ass then came back up to catch it in her mouth. Sucked tha soul out of of me

  2. It came from a young chick. She would suck my toes my balls my asshole to if I would had let her.

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